The automatic storage system for trays was created to cater to the need to stock and handle a high number of load units (including those of different dimensions), with the resulting need to manage a large number of materials.

The aim of ensuring a high operating speed with low pickup/deposit times is achieved by means of a transelevator made using cutting-edge technologies for all the component parts.

Structured with a single or double column, according to the desired height and capacity of the system.

The pickup device consists of a telescopic fork system with the possibility of managing pickup with single or double-depth pallet carrying shelves.

The presence of lower and upper guides ensures perfect longitudinal translation.

Positioning on the horizontal and vertical axes is done by means of an absolute encoder with data transmission via Device-Net network.

Motorization of the movement axes is by means of servo-ventilated and inverter-controlled gear motors.

System control and diagnostic NS10 color terminals (for the independent use of the automatic, manual or service operating cycles).